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All Black Everything

Over the centuries, the adaptability of black attire has undergone an evolutionary trend that has culminated in its reinvention to epitomize sophistication. It not only

The Art Of Chronographs

Talk about space travel, horse racing, aviation or automotive sport and the chronograph is bound to appear somewhere in that conversation. Their history is intertwined

Our Top Picks

James Bond may have revolutionized how to wear a watch but at Heir we have invested subtle craftsmanship in what sits around your wrist to

Analogue or Digital?

The essence of time may have become ubiquitous with its embodiment everywhere we look – clocks in city parks, time displayed on mobile phones, car

Introducing Heir Timepieces

Wearing an exceptional timepiece like Heir on your wrist, not only amplifies your personality and style for the world to see, but portrays the natural