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Analogue or Digital?

The essence of time may have become ubiquitous with its embodiment everywhere we look – clocks in city parks, time displayed on mobile phones, car dashboards or even smart TVs.

But the treasured imperative of time is when it’s embedded on our wrists, making the world of watches not only fascinating but a reference point for style and at times, seductive in its own way.

For discerning individuals who choose wisely, wearing a watch is a definitive fashion statement that speaks volumes. That choice can be categorized broadly as either analogue or digital. So what’s the difference between the two?

Analogue watches display time using the hour, minute, and second hands. These rotating hands – mounted on the dial – point to numbers or Roman numerals to indicate the time.

A digital watch on the other hand has an LCD or LED screen that shows the time using digits on the display. Its interior does not have moving parts but comprises of computer circuits and boards which power the watch by sending electrical signals. Digital watches have transformed over the years to include features such as GPS, Bluetooth and stopwatches.

Even with the digital wave of the 80s and 90s, the analogue watch has remained a staple for wardrobes across the world. Its appeal is largely based on several factors:


The versatility of analogue watches makes them suitable for various dress styles. They are classy in their own right, easily paired with any outfit hence complementing most occasions or events.


Allow yourself to draw some breath, hear the sound and feel the moment – for there is nothing more fascinating to watch lovers like the tick-tock sound and motion of an analogue watch. It is the sound of the movement – the engineering marvel made of tiny components moving in tandem to power the watch.

Apart from timekeeping, analogue watches are fine pieces of innovation with a certain importance around them. While they are largely considered as traditional, their complexity, superior craftsmanship and subtleness elevates them to a status symbol – a solid sign of the wearer’s sophistication and a completely satisfying experience of owning one.


If you’re looking for style and functionality then an analogue watch is without doubt your first choice. It is an iconic fashion statement that’s not only functional for timekeeping but also a superior choice that stuns in various designs.

An analogue watch is like an intricate piece of art that’s wearable – a great way to express personality and taste.

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