Our Story

Heir brings a breath of freshness to a collection of timepieces that combines style, accuracy, performance, beauty and durability in a compact case that not only reflects a minimalist approach but modern creativity.

Founded on a purposeful drive to resonate with a redefining generation, the Heir brand celebrates the new wave of creators, innovators, influencers and storytellers who are aptly using their time to carve a niche for themselves.

It not only tells their stories, but it’s a brand that amplifies their voices and inspires a new generation of design enthusiasts, ready to indulge in the minimalist timepiece.

To bring the desires of the millennial subculture to the world of timepieces, the Heir brand isn’t exclusive to anyone, but brings together everyone with a conscious mind that craves the subtleness craftsmanship of horology and watch design.

Heir timepieces make a statement, not because they are an inheritance that can be touched or seen but as an inheritance of time, something that’s omnipresent but can only be measured.

Having paid homage to their background, the delicate work of creating an enduring collection began. By coalescing the rules and principles of design, and then redefining style, function and affordability, the founders put together what they considered vital ingredients for the first series in the collection.

Drawing inspiration from nature and creative design, the production line brought to life the Heir story, wrapped in impeccable craftsmanship that today represents every unique and diverse point of view. It’s a melting pot of diversity, where conversations and the sense of community make us better at what we do at Heir.

The complexity of such an instrument meant thousands of hours in design, validation, modelling, engineering, approval, quality controls and production.

Defined by simplicity, the hands were crafted to move in perfect precision on every dial, against a backdrop of subtle contrasts, created by our choice of canvas. Such a natural aesthetic makes our collection versatile for everyday wear.

Heir’s story is a homage to those who use time to make a name for themselves.