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All Black Everything

Over the centuries, the adaptability of black attire has undergone an evolutionary trend that has culminated in its reinvention to epitomize sophistication. It not only became fashionable to wear black but as the black male suit (well, don’t they show up in mostly darker colours?) would attest, it became a staple for those in positions of influence, whether through power or wealth.

With everyone staking their claim on black, the fashion industry wasn’t left behind. Pageantry brought to the fore the splendour of black, and it all started with Vogue’s 1926 cover of the “little black dress.” Many decades later, Vogue Paris’ editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt put it succinctly by saying that “I’ll Stop Wearing Black When They Invent A Darker Colour,” in what can be described as another turning point for black in fashion.

Fast forward to Today and wearing black is not only considered attractive but it reveals an elegance that transcends both male and female. What sets black apart from other colours is its ability to absorb light. This allows it to

  • Match any other colour
  • Suit any fabric
  • Be appropriate for all seasons
  • Conceal stains
  • Look good on every skin tone
  • Be coupled with any accessories

All these give black a resilience that has ensured that it will never go out of style.

Since black’s allure is not diminishing any time soon, if you choose black, what would the Heir part of your wardrobe say about your style?

Our All Black Collection

Heir’s Black collection is distinctive and can be worn with a variety of colours to project not only sophistication but quintessential style. Here’s a look:

Classic Black

Featuring a matte white dial, this timepiece merges contemporary and traditional styles to bring together an accented tone that’s entirely classic and versatile as well.

The black case (with a brushed stainless steel finish) is complemented with satin platings on the index and hands while the top grain Italian leather strap completes the curation of elegance and timeless style.

The black markers on this watch are clearly contrasted on the white dial it’s so easy to tell the time at a glance.

It’s a minimalist watch that pairs well with casual or formal attire, making it a desired accessory for a variety of styles. It’s a product of superior craftsmanship that can only leave you with unforgettable memories.

Classic Noir Mesh Black

If you prefer subtle goodness on a matte black dial, then we have you covered with the Classic Noir Black watch. It’s what we call muted magnificence – the true beauty of black elevated by the stunning contrast of the minute markers in white against the darkened hour markers on a black canvas.

The case, with a brushed stainless steel finish features satin platings that extend to the index and hands.

And to spruce up your appearance further, a lightweight Milanese mesh strap gracefully matches this stylish watch to suit any occasion.

Chrono Black

Combining the minimalist and sporty side of things, the Chrono Black features a matte white dial and three subdials. For a chronograph, it’s so uncluttered thanks to the clearly distinct black hour markers that stand out against the subtle subdials.

The right subdial is a 24 hour display ideal for travelers while the other two provide a 30 minute stopwatch function for active lifestyle enthusiasts.

This unobtrusive chronograph is designed to match a variety of styles for business or laid back leisure with such versatility to last an era.

Chrono Noir Black

This timepiece accentuates our minimalist black watch collection in design and performance. Look at the three subdials  and how they contrast beautifully on the matte black canvas, creating a sense of black boldness.

We stretch our boldness further with a thick casing for a sporty look and an interchangeable strap made with top grain Italian leather.

Chrono Mesh Black

When you look at our Chrono Mesh Black watch, there is something textured and luxurious about it. It combines a radial sunburst effect with functionality on a brushed black canvas in such a magnificent way.

In the spirit of true chronographs, the canvas reveals three subdials – a 24 hour display for those on the move and two 30-minute stopwatch displays.

You will love how we have pushed the limit to add strength to this timepiece by crafting a stainless steel case coupled with a Milanese mesh strap.

From our collection, this is a genuinely magnificent black watch that blends strength, elegance and functionality.

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