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James Bond may have revolutionized how to wear a watch but at Heir we have invested subtle craftsmanship in what sits around your wrist to complement your style and equally grant the liberty of flexible dressing.

But what else can we say about a Heir timepiece?

With all our timepieces representing the pinnacle of engineering precision, we can tell you a zillion and more things, all beautiful, which is why we are at a loss on what to recommend.

Each watch in our collection carries a sleek aesthetic and unique identity, so hold your breath as we take you through our top 5 favourites.

Chrono Noir Mesh

We mentioned how interchangeable our straps are across the Heir collection. One outcome of this flexibility is the Chrono Noir Mesh – simply pick the Chrono Noir Silver model and pair it with the Chrono Mesh strap in silver.

The contrast of the silver hands and markers on the black matte dial makes the Chrono Noir Mesh a melting pot of delicious design, bravery and the inspiration of a chronograph.

The result is an industrial look that’s elegant and bold, yet it simultaneously creates a subtle simplicity with the unobtrusive subdials.

Whether it’s paired with casual or formal wear, it evokes the kind of exquisite gorgeousness that puts this timepiece on everyone’s wish-list.

Chrono Black

While eyes may be glued to the red carpet for the latest style tips, those seeking a minimalist approach to timepieces will get easily noticed with the Chrono Black.

The universal appeal of black (a super fit for any occasion) and the versatility of this colour (perfect for everyday wear) make this a timeless accessory not to mention it carries the sporty sophistication of a chronograph to the core.

And in the minimalist spirit, the subtle subdials seem to disappear in the backdrop of the matte white dial, leaving it so uncluttered that repeat glances are a delight.

With such a suave touch for a lightweight chronograph (a mere 347g), the Chrono Black can also make a perfect gift that represents simplicity cradled in stainless-steel strength and the longevity of a sapphire coated flat crystal.

It’s a delightful piece of Heir heritage in a functional chronograph

Chrono Mesh Rose Gold

Producing a rose gold watch is a painstaking craft. But our mastery of merging modernity, precision engineering and solid design has given rise to this Chrono Mesh Rose Gold timepiece – a perfect representation of versatility.

It boasts a radial sunburst effect on the dial, tinted in rose gold to project a luxurious chronograph in rare form. The subdials give it a refined complexity that’s appealing to anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd.

The strength of steel on the case is blended with the elegance of the Milanese mesh strap, a heritage gifted to the world from the Italian town of Milan where the mesh design originated in the 13th century.

It’s the convergence of simplicity and boldness in a warm colour tone with a satin finish that suits any complexion and brings style to any outfit.

Chrono Noir Mesh Rose Gold

This is a creative pairing of the Chrono Noir Rose Gold case with the Classic Noir Rose Gold strap to bring about the visual appeal of rose gold on a black canvas.

While keeping with the minimalist, sportive look, this piece recreates the elegance and sophistication of a chronograph. and the boldness of black on the dial.

Plus, coming with a matte black dial not only radiates boldness but undeniably makes the Chrono Noir Mesh Rose Gold a stunning symbol of craftsmanship designed for business or leisure.

Classic Rose Gold

A shade of rose gold is a great way to make any style fabulous and you can’t talk about fabulous without mentioning the outdoors. This brings us to our Classic Rose Gold watch.

We dare say our Classic Rose Gold watch is to weddings what toast is to butter. The matte white dial inside a rose gold stainless steel case and the mocha strap complement such occasions with ease and a touch of elegance.

However, do not limit yourself – this watch combines modern and traditional styles to bring versatility with an air of sophistication to flatter a variety of everyday wear.

You get a lot more in this bespoke case – Japanese Miyota quartz movement, a scratch resistant sapphire coated flat crystal, 5 ATM water resistance and a calendar date display – which is admittedly one of our most impeccable timepieces.

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Our Top Picks

James Bond may have revolutionized how to wear a watch but at Heir we have invested subtle craftsmanship in what sits around your wrist to

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