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Introducing Heir Timepieces

Wearing an exceptional timepiece like Heir on your wrist, not only amplifies your personality and style for the world to see, but portrays the natural comfort and aesthetic around you. And the world, in its tradition – whether consciously or in other ways – will reward you.

While context may be a key consideration of your fashion choice, the watch you put on your wrist is a pointer to your unassailable and refined taste. That choice, when considered carefully, leaves a lasting impression on anyone who lays eyes on you.

At Heir, we bring a breath of freshness that combines style, accuracy, performance, beauty and durability in a compact case that not only reflects a minimalist approach but modern creativity.

If you dare put a Heir timepiece on your wrist, you’ll delve into a world of discovery that unveils so much more, including:


The bottom-line for any watch is accuracy in timekeeping. Tapping into Japanese innovation, the Heir timepiece employs the Miyota quartz movement, a time-tested design that has delivered unrivalled precision and reliability for more than 40 years.

A quartz movement (essentially, the engine that runs Heir watches) uses advanced expertise that makes our watches immune to temperature changes and resistant to shock. This defines the epitome of Japanese technology, presented by Citizen, a company that remains a world leader in watch movements with its high precision and functional craftsmanship.


The Miyota quartz movement is integral to our elegant watch’s precision, resilience and durability. You may therefore wonder, how do we protect this precision gem from damage caused by impact?

We not only take care of shattering but scratches too. That’s why we have opted for the tough, durable and scratch resistant sapphire glass.

Manufactured as a crystal, sapphire glass is nearly as hard as diamond which makes it incredibly durable. Coupled with its transparency, this glass provides exceptional strength and protection to the full range of Heir timepieces.

Although an expensive crystal, we purposefully chose sapphire glass to ensure that our watches remain beautiful and scratch-free and deliver to you a robustness that lasts.


You don’t have to be Sean Connery in that Bond movie but let’s face it – You could be a snorkelling enthusiast, a member of the elite swimming team or you simply love the outdoors. In that case getting wet – well, this could happen anywhere, even at the poolside dinner – should be the least of your worries since all our watches are water resistant.

Heir timepieces have been engineered to withstand pressure in depths of up to 50 metres or 165 feet and come out unscathed to continue delivering exceptional performance.

Feel confident that you can dash for action if the lure is irresistible or remain calm in a misstep with the sophistication of our gorgeous watches anywhere there is water.


If you are looking for an aura of sophistication, the crystal-clear sapphire glass reveals a dial that spoils you for choice in either matte white, matte black, radial brushed black, radial brushed gold, radial brushed rose gold or radial brushed silver. For every choice you prefer, the dial features corresponding satin platings on the indices and hands.

And it doesn’t end there; to bring versatility to this timepiece, we used top-grade 316L brushed stainless steel to create a bespoke case with satin platings that match the index and hands. 

To give you a little peek into our choice of steel – the brushed satin finish gives our timepiece a muted luster that’s desirable for a subtle accent. 316L is high grade steel that is resistant to rust, protecting your timepiece for more surreal moments and enhancing the beautiful texture of the luxurious case.

To create the appropriate balance, our collection combines modern and traditional tones to create irresistible timepieces. This allows you to pair any of our pieces with a strap made of top grain Italian leather or the Milanese mesh type that is sculptured using stainless steel.

At Heir we have packed finesse in an elegant design that’s simply compelling for all seasons yet practically sophisticated for individuals with a taste in subtle tones.

It’s a timeless style embodied in precision technology and natural materials that we have carefully selected with confidence.


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